Initial setup

Users have different options to log in to their account, during the initial sign up they have the option to either log in via a username and password, via GitHub or their google accounts. This makes Signing up and logging into Screenshotbot easy and fast.

Creating an organization

Once signed up, the user either has the option to create an organization or join an organization. To create an organization click on “User Name” > New Organization as shown in the below image. We highly recommend that you create an organization and work under it even if you are not working in an organisation. This will help you maintain various organisations and work on different projects.

In case you are joining an organization, the admin will have to give you access to the organization and you will have to accept the invitation to view the projects. At any time the admins have the ability to remove access to the user.

Enter the organization name that you wish to create.

The next screen will ask you in case you would like to add any additional users under the organization or move to home. If you select add user, you will be greeted with the Invite Members screen where you need to add the user’s email ID. This can be done at any time after the organization is created. (Users can Invite new members too)

And that is it, you just create an organization along with all the members. Now you can start integrating with your existing development and testing tools and any changes will be notified to each member that you have added to your organization.

Note: The user creating the organization will be the admin for the organization. In case the user moves out his credentials will be needed to be passed on to other users & for security purpose the password will be needed to be changed

To make the integration move faster any user can add the integrations as per their needs. We would like Screenshotbot to be as flexible as possible.


Signing up with Screenshotbot is as simple as 1,2,3… I have added the steps as below. The next step is to integrate Screenshotbot’s organization with the tools used by the organization.

  1. Signup with Screenshotbot
  2. Go to “User Name” > New Organization
  3. Enter the organization
  4. Enter the team members email ID & invite email

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