How Screenshotbot is different

Optimized for Android & iOS

Screenshotbot is heavily focused for Android and iOS development. Our integrations focus primary towards tools and processes that mobile developers predominantly use.

Keep it simple

The main difference of Screenshotbot is to keep everything simple for the user.

The main understanding is that 95% of change is intentional and reviewing those changes again by a QA engineer is time-consuming. Instead, any changes are sent to the developer and any other team member (if required).

We prefer that the all the changes are sent directly to the user to their existing tracking tool or even slack. This makes the necessity of coming back to Screenshotbot not as required.


We are keeping it simple even at pricing. This enables us to be competitive in the market. Each of the plans are mentioned below and how we are keeping things simple


We keep it simple even at pricing. We have set up a server for free users. There are no limits except for history. Note: In case of high server usage, testing can slow down


Standard users get a separate VM and would be hosted under a Subdomain. This enables additional security and complete server performance to the user.

The client pays for only how much they require and flexible enough in case they require additional storage or performance for the next billing cycle. Note: It is recommended to take a data backup if necessary. Updates are pushed automatically.

Note: Pricing can vary in case of high performance VM is required

In the case of Enterprise, we host the app on our clients’ server and is customized exactly to the clients’ requirement. We don’t charge anything extra except for the installation and support.

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