Basic requirements

Screenshotbot can automate the process of capturing and analyzing images for changes. But to start using Screenshotbot, the users would have to have few basic tools installed.

The good news is that most organizations following the Agile framework would have already these tools. But will have to have admin access or request Screenshotbot be added to them to work efficiently.

Note: In case your organization requires additional documentation from Screenshotbot reach out to

Version Control (VCS)

Screenshotbot requires the code to be available on any of the VCS platforms such as Github, GitLab, bitbucket or phrabicator. Out of these GitLab, bitbucket and phrabicator are open source and can be installed on your local machine.


Tutorial for each setup are coming soon.

CD/CI Pipeline

CI/CD pipelines are great tools for software developers for automating the testing and deployment of their code. Most CD/CI platforms can even check for code errors (Unit testing).

Currently, Screenshotbot can integrate with CircleCI, Jenkins, GitHub actions and GitLab CD/CI. More integrations are on the way. In case you are looking for more integrations contact us at

Screenshotbot can integrate with most CI environment enabling you to deploy applications faster.

Issue Trackers/ Slack

Finally, to notify the user and the team you can integrate Screenshotbot with slack & other issues tracking software like Jira, Asana and Trello.

Example of Screenshotbot notifing user of changes on Slack

Website/ Web app Testing

To enable UI testing on Websites and web apps, Screenshotbot requires Selenium to automate the process of capturing Screenshots. Once the screenshots are captured Screenshotbot can check for any changes from the images and notify the users of the same.

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